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taproot - the main root of a plant

tuck-and-roll - | | | | | (that kind of upholstery on car seats is called tuck-and-roll; didn't know the word for it)

faille - a slightly ribbed, woven fabric of silk, cotton, or rayon

'Bister' being used as a colour, as in 'lines of bister and fatigue', sounds odd/false. It's grayish to yellowish brown, but knowing that makes the structure of the phrase sound bad to me. It would've sounded better if the balancing word against 'fatigue' was some other cause, rather than a colour.

maquillage - cosmetic or theatrical makeup
I believe I used to know this one but the word was no longer in my memory. I could work it out from the context, as it happened, but am noting it here.

chinoiserie - an object reflecting Chinese influence; such a style in art
Don't see how that's possible in this context. *Saarique* influence, yes, but not this. (Yes, I am being pedantic, but China does not exist as such in the world of the story.)

parterre - an ornamental flower garden, the beds and paths of which are arranged to form a pattern

jolterhead = blockhead (not in AHD)


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